Acupressure clinic

Acupressure and Diabetes melitus

Is Acupressure Safe and Reliable?

  • Yes, many universities of Medicine in Japan, China, USA have conducted studies
  • Modern medicine accepted Acupressure as an alternative method of treatment for major illness.
  • Modern medicine has accepted Diagnostic procedure (Dermatron) of Acupressure.

How acupressure works?

  • Acupressure cures through bio energy (Qi).
  • Acupressure improves the functioning of organs .
  • Acupressure improves functioning of Pancreas, improves secretion of hormones and metabolism of carbohydrates.

Is our clinic trusted and effective?

  • Yes, our clinic is one of the best in Bengaluru.
  • our clinic has cured many patients.
  • ¬∑Our qualified and experienced doctors will treat you

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